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About the Carrot Card

Please note, we no longer issue Carrot Cards. If you have a question about… Read more ›

I have a box policy – how do I bank my rewards?

You’ll need to access your online dashboard, then click into the rewards section where… Read more ›

I’ve claimed my weekly treat – when will I receive it?

Your weekly treat will be emailed to you within 14 working days of you… Read more ›

I have an app policy – how do I claim my weekly treat?

Treats can be claimed via the Treats section in the app, and you’ll need to click to ‘Claim’ to… Read more ›

I have a black box policy – how do Carrot Points work?

Carrot points are awarded each week if you achieve a green score (+5 or… Read more ›

About Carrot rewards

With Carrot, you’ll get weekly rewards when you keep a good Driving Style Score (above 5).

Do named drivers earn their own rewards?

No. Rewards are only available to the policyholder – but remember, any named drivers… Read more ›

Can I lose my rewards if my driving score gets worse?

No. Whatever rewards you’ve earned are yours to keep.

How often can I earn rewards or treats?

Treats and rewards are available weekly, whether you have a box or app policy… Read more ›

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